Dr. Achilles Arancibia Orrego

The spectacular development of the pharmaceutical sciences whose, It has occurred since the middle of the last century, which is projected in various scientific fields, at the same time acquiring growing importance and significance in vital aspects of modern society, they made evident the need of founding the Academy of pharmaceutical sciences of Chile.

El profesor Hermann Schmidt Hebbel (Q.E.P.D) recuerda que fue el distinguido farmacéutico español don Toribio Zúñiga y Sánchez Cerrudo (Q:E:P:D:), que ejercía como farmacéutico del Rey Alfonso XIII y posteriormente como Secretario Perpetuo de la Real Academia de Farmacia (actualmente Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia) del Instituto de España, whom, on a visit to our country and consistent with its great American spirit, He urged us to found a similar institution. Years passed, continues the Professor Schmidt, until we met the teacher Aquiles Arancibia to try to take the bases of an Academy of Sciences pharmaceutical of Chile.

Chilean Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences was founded in 1983, cuando se cumplían ciento cincuenta años de la creación en Chile del Primer Curso de Farmacia en el Instituto Nacional. .

The Chilean professionals to, at the same time, eran Académicos Correspondientes de la Real Academia de Farmacia del Instituto de España (actualmente Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia del Instituto de España) constituyeron el núcleo inicial. They nominate distinguished professionals to complete the squares of members number referred to in the by-laws of the Corporation considering their scientific and professional background, and taking into account the different specialties in the field of the pharmaceutical and related sciences and the profession. This group was commissioned to write the statutes, obtain legal personality and necessary arrangements for his Foundation and the activities.

Installation of the Academy

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the creation of the first year of Pharmacy School chemical pharmaceutical, sponsored by the Pan-American Federation of Pharmacy and biochemistry, organized the II Latin American meeting of pharmaceutical sciences which was attended by leading scientists in the Americas and Europe and attended by hundreds of national and Latin American professionals. In the ceremony of closing of the meeting, held at the Hotel Sheraton San Cristobal, de Santiago,- the 1 December of 1983, day of the pharmacist, held the Solemn Assembly of installation of the Academy of pharmaceutical sciences of Chile.

The Organization and the statutes of the Corporation were established taking as a model the Academy of Spain and considering also the academies of pharmacy in other Latin American countries, in Argentina, Peru and Brazil as also the academies of the Instituto de Chile.

The statutes establish that its main objectives are to "encourage research, the study and diffusion of the pharmaceutical sciences and related, being understood that such policies for the health of the man"and"keep links and cooperate with national and international institutions…""

The first Board of Directors

Elected by the members of number, the First Executive Council estuvo integrado por:

  • President:

    Hermann Schmidt-Hebbel
  • Vice President:

    Achilles Arancibia Orrego
  • Secretary:

    Mario Sapag Hagar
  • Treasurer:

    César González Orostica
  • Director:

    July Brieva Alvarado


La Academia tiene cuatro clases de miembros: Number, Corresponding national, Foreign correspondents and fees.

  • The Academy is depositary and Manager of the Foundation Emma and César Leyton establecida por el Profesor César Leyton Garavagno (Q.E.P.D.) y consiste en un fondo con cuyos intereses se financia un Concurso Público destinado a .convocar a la presentación de trabajos inéditos sobre History of Pharmacy.
    • Annals
    The Academy publishes the annals, annual publication, as its name implies, intended to promote the activities that the company is carrying out. Its pages include speeches of incorporation of its members, Scientific and cultural collaborations related to the disciplines that are of concern, papers presented at special sessions, and scientific works of disclosure.  
    • Other publications
    The Academy edit and publish in book form, What are winners of the contest history of Pharmacy, It also publishes works and conclusions of seminars, Scientific meetings and workshops held by the Corporation,


Medal emblem of the Academy

The medal is the emblem or representative symbol that identifies the Academy. Its design contains items that represent "pharmaceutical science and art", as an expression of an idea concrete, a reality, a value formulated by a tradition determined in the bosom of a scientific-cultural institution such as our Academy. La medalla contiene el nombre de la Academia de Ciencias Farmacéuticas de Chile; El año de su creación, 1983, en números romanos; Un óvalo central de color rojo; el vaso dorado de la Farmacia o copa de Hygeia; las dos serpientes enlazadas en un báculo; la doble hélix del ADN y el lema de la Academia : “Medicamentum vita est""

In 1997 the Academy she made a solemn session in the Domeyko Hall of the University of Chile to present and deliver the medal members.

Medal Hermann Schmidt-Hebbel

The Academy agreed to at the end of 2006 the creation of the Medal Prof. Dr. Hermann-Schmidt-Hebbel as a tribute to the outstanding scientist and researcher in food science and toxicology, he exercised the chairs of these subjects at the University of Chile for more than fifty years. Awarded every two years alternately to professionals who are distinguished for scientific papers in the areas of pharmaceutical sciences and food.

Museum of Pharmacy Professor César Leyton

El Profesor César Leyton Garavagno que fuera Decano der la Facultad de Química y Farmacia,-actualmente Facultad de Ciencias Químicas y Farmacéuticas-, founded in 1951 the Museum that bears his name, The Museum is located at the headquarters of the chemical College of pharmacist, It is owned by the Faculty of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences and is in charge of the Academy. The teacher Irma Pennacchiotti, Member of the Academy worries about its operation and maintenance.

Incorporation of new members

The members of the Academy, in its different categories, they are selected through a rigorous selection process.

The incorporation of new members is carried out in a public Assembly of the Academy, in which the candidate presents his speech of incorporation developing a theme of his specialty and it is received by a member of number that along with making a brief presentation on a topic related to the previous highlights aspects of the scientific and professional career of the applicant. The President makes the diploma and medal, which credited him as a member of the Academy.


La Academia lleva a cabo actividades sobre educación farmacéutica; desarrollo y progreso de las ciencias farmacéuticas, chemical, de los alimentos y biomédicas; aspectos científicos, industrial, economic, clinical and ethical drugs and problems related to public health. It organizes and supports the realization of conferences, seminars, symposia, discussion meetings, meetings conferences on .disciplinas that are within the scope of their competence, that allow interaction with like-minded institutions and serve to society. At the same time that constitutes as reliable institution for consultations on matters of its connection by the State Agency and. Government.

Algunas actividades relevantes se señalan a continuación:

    • Seminario sobre Acreditación de la Carrera de Químico-Farmacéutico (1997).
    • Situation of the pharmaceutical education
    • Round table "The challenges of the formation of the chemical pharmaceutical in the context of a knowledge society"
    • Pharmaceutical chemical resource requirements projections.
    • Drugs and free trade agreements
    • The human genome and its therapeutic projections
    • Jornada Salud y Medio Ambiente; “Home and hospital waste"
    • Mesa Redonda: “Alimentos genéticamente modificados: mitos y realidades”
    • Primer Encuentro Internacional de Academias de Farmacia:

    The Academy of pharmaceutical sciences of Chile summoned and organized the first international meeting of Pharmacy academies inviting to participate to the academies of Spain and Latin American countries. The call received a wide response, at the meeting, carried out in Valparaiso, were nine academies, adopted the Declaration of Valparaiso, which is the founding document of the Asociación Iberoamericana de Academias de Farmacia (AIAF), that it currently has thirteen members and conducted meetings every two years alternately in Spain and Latin American countries.

    • Seminar on healthy food in Chile
    • Seminar "Pharmaceutical services based in primary care" (realizado en 2013 en CEPAL)
    • Seminario: "The biotech medicines regulatory and clinical aspects"
    • Cannabis: ¿medicamento o droga?
    • Historical evolution and Social function of the pharmacy today.