1 July Commemoration of 75 years of life of the U School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. of Chile

The Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Chile headed by its president Professor Dr.. Sergio Lavandero G., sends an affectionate greeting to all members of the U School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. of Chile, for the commemoration of their 75 years of life....

International regulators pledge collective support to combat COVID pandemic 19

The European Medicines Agency (Ema) in a joint statement with the International Coalition of Regulatory Drug Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA), reiterate their call to governments and the international scientific community, to prioritize clinical trials..

After this pandemic, going back to work or school can cause stress and anxiety

The following article outlines the guidelines that should be followed with the aim of reducing these symptoms among workers and students. See article here

A recent publication by Chinese researchers shows that chloroquine and remdesivir, could be used against COVIT-19

In South Korea and China, chloroquine is already being used to treat patients infected with coronavirus, with good results.

Communal pharmacies are already 154 and market more than $9 Billion

Municipalities have opened branches to meet user demand. This year they will trade via Cenabast $ 10 billion in medicines, with prices nine times lower. Source:...

Lloyds Pharmacy (United Kingdom) is testing an innovative new service that offers help and support to patients with mental health problems

This program has been funded and designed by NIHR GM PSTRC researchers in collaboration with LloydsPharmacy. The new service, known as AMPLIPHY, which is taking place in ten community pharmacies in Greater Manchester, allows pharmacists to provide a...

They investigate the novelty of expensive drugs

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that of the 27 active ingredients from 25 brand-name drugs that meant Medicare's highest spending on the 2017, 11 of these ingredients (41%) had previously been approved by the FDA in others..

Dr. Carlos Calvo nominated for Professor Emeritus

Tuesday 14 January of this year in a solemn ceremony the Rector of the University of Concepción, invests Prof. Dr Carlos Calvo M. former President of the Chilean Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences as Professor Emeritus of the University of.

Health professionals advice encourages the elimination of unused opioid medications

Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to advise patients on opioid elimination and, Therefore, should be active in preventing harm from improperly stored opioid drugs.   See Research Source: www.japha.org

Second ACF Public Statement

21 November of 2019 The National Economic Prosecutor's Office has just issued the preliminary report "Market Study on Medicines", in which it analyses the behavior of the pharmaceutical market in our country. This report reviews the factors that lead to the disparity in..