Talks of the Ibero-American Academy of Pharmacy

WEDNESDAY 25 FROM JANUARY at 18:30 h from Spain; 14:30 h from Chile. 1. "Radiopharmacy as a professional specialization" 2. "Without diagnosis, medicine is blind" 3. "European Union regulatory framework for Herbal...

Recognition to our member Dr. Q.F Sergio Lavandero

We are pleased to announce that the full members of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Chile, unanimously, have decided to give him the "Prof Medal Distinction". Dr. Hermann Schmidt-Hebbel", by virtue of his recognition with the National Science Award..

Seminario Strategies to improve enrolment in schools of pharmacy – Launch of the FIP AIM handbook

La Federación Internacional Farmacéutica (FIP) invita al seminario: Strategies to improve enrolment in schools of pharmacy – Launch of the FIP AIM handbook La FIP AIM (Academic Institutional Membership) ha desarrollado un manual para ayudar a los líderes académicos de...

Cardiometabolic Diseases Update Course

Cardiometabolic diseases include cardiovascular and metabolic pathologies such as acute myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke, high blood pressure and dyslipidemia. This course has specialist academics from prestigious companies..

Scientific conference: Mechanisms of cell death in ALS

Finding a cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) requires a better understanding of the bases of this pathology that can be brought to the clinic. The advances in their research show the interrelation not only between different processes within their own..

Life and Matter Sciences

The World Health Organization informs and updates emergency risks, that can reach a pandemic, in a list of potentially emerging agents, in which most are viruses with RNA as genetic material, Coronaviruses among them. The day will address the...

Conference "The challenges of toxicology in modern society"

Dictated by the Hon.. Prof. Doctor D. Felix Dias de Carvalho, Professor at the University of Porto and Full Member of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Portugal, once the presentation is finished, a period of discussion will follow, moderated by the Academic number and...

Recommendation for the use of masks

Since last Saturday 1 of October the use of masks is no longer mandatory, except in health centers

Seminars organized by the IFJ (International Pharmaceutical Federation)

The seminars organized by the IFJ (International Pharmaceutical Federation) in September are the following topics: Management of chronic respiratory diseases, healthy nutrition and vaccination for older adultsAsthma and COPD affect millions worldwide. Pharmacists...

National Congress of Pharmacovigilance and Technovigilance & Clinical Pharmacy Symposium

Download the program here: PROGRAM-CONGRESS-AMFV-FCMS (1) Learn more about this event HERE