1. Call

The proposal of candidates to members of the ACF must be sent to Secretariat, along with the curriculum and a letter from the Member presenting it, arguing the reasons why can be an integral member of the ACF.
Once received the proposition, the Board of Directors of the ACF will appoint a Committee of three members of number, responsible for assessing the curricular background of the candidate.
Then, Secretariat sends the curriculum to the evaluators members and shows them the deadline to deliver the report in writing of acceptance or rejection.
The directory, Once we receive the reports you must summon Members for assessments, eventually review the CV and vote approving or rejecting.


The evaluation of the curriculum vitae of the proposed candidate(s) will be read. The vote must be face-to-face, secret and individual, not accepting ballots by Charter nor by power. Acceptance must have a support of half plus one of the votes of members.

Ceremony of incorporation

When you have chosen the candidate at the extraordinary Assembly cited to this effect, Secretariat contact the Member elected in writing asking you to indicate whether you accept or refuses entry to the ACF.
Your definitive income is found with a public presentation on the topic of your specialty. The candidate will be received by a member appointed by the Board of Directors.
The date of the incorporation of the candidate Conference, shall be established by common agreement between the board of directors and the applicant; this must be a maximum period of three months after you have accepted your candidacy as a member of the ACF.
After the presentation, the President of the Academy will be awarding the Medal and diploma signed by it and the Secretary, that accredits him as the ACF of Chile.

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